Fengnan's Scientific Adventures



Academic Talks

This is an updating list of the talks that I have given so far in reverse chronological order.

  1. Invited speaker of The 11th ICSA International Conference, December 2019 in Hangzhou, China
  2. Invited speaker of a 45-min lecture at The 8th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians of 2019, June 2019 in Beijing, China
  3. Invited speaker at Richard Samworth's research group meeting, February 2019 in Cambridge, the U.K.
  4. Invited speaker in Data Science Seminar, January in Twente - Enschede, the Netherlands
  5. Invited speaker in 2018 ICSA China, July 2018 in Qingdao, China
  6. Invited speaker in ICSA 2018 Applied Statistics Symposium, June 2018 in New Brunswick, NJ, the USA
  7. Invited speaker in Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, May 2018 in Taipei
  8. Invited speaker in 2018 IMS Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, June 2018 in Singapore
  9. Invited speaker in workshop Complex Time Series Modelling and Forecasting: Dynamic Network, Spatio-temporal Data, and Functional Processes
    January 2018 in Sanya, China
  10. Invited speaker in CMStatistics 2017, December 2017 in London, the UK
  11. Invited speaker in Community Detection and Network Reconstruction workshop, September 2017 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  12. Invited speaker in the annual meeting of IMS-China, June 2017 in Nanning, Guangxi, China
  13. Invited speaker in the closing workshop "Dynamic Networks" in the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
    December 2016 in Cambridge, the UK
  14. Invited talk in School of Management of Fudan University, November 2016 in Shanghai, China
  15. World Congress in Probability and Statistics, July 2016 in Toronto, Canada
  16. Invited talk in Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, May 2016 in Shanghai, China
  17. Invited talk in Institute of Natural Sciences of Shanghai Jiaotong University, May 2016 in Shanghai, China
  18. Invited talk in School of Data Science of Fudan University, April 2016 in Shanghai, China
  19. Invited talk in School of Statistics and Management of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, April 2016 in Shanghai, China
  20. Invited talk in Statistics for Structures Seminar, November 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  21. Statistics Mathematics and Applications, September 2015 in Fréjus, France
  22. European Meeting of Statisticians, July 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  23. 10th Conference on Bayesian Nonparametrics, June 2015 in Raleigh, NC, the USA
  24. 23rd Meeting of PhD students in Stochastics, May 2015 in Hilversum, the Netherlands
  25. Invited talk in the Bayes Club, June 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands



July 2019